We are committed to innovation as a way of combining design with the latest technology to create a product that will allow us to compete in a global environment. We explore the market in order to find and implement the latest international trends in our designs, as well as to incorporate the most innovative and popular fabrics in home textiles.


Our commitment to design and quality is connected to our mission: creating a home and a way of life.

Our ambition is to decorate the dream home through our textile products with a fresh and different style capable of satisfying the most demanding needs of our customers.


Our vision is to consolidate our position as a company of reference, identified with design, quality and with prestigious brands.

We collaborate with studios located in France, Italy, Sweden and England, to analyse and develop our 10,000 SKUs, the most extensive range in the sector.


Our working tools – innovation, design and internationalisation – are applied to promote our values: simplicity, distinction and maximum attention to current trends.

That’s how we want our clients to see us and any other interested parties. We work scrupulously in meeting our social obligations and economic and environmental sustainability and want to share these values with people who appreciate quality and exclusivity.