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Exclusion of liability and guarantees
1. Contents:
Data, text, information, images or posted on the Web site xxxxxxxxxxxx sounds are shown only for information for anyone interested in them, without access generate commercial, contractual or professional relationship between users xxxxxxxxxxx. In case of discrepancy between the information contained on the website and on hard copy, the latter shall prevail. the user before taking any action arising from the content of the Web site, proceed to verify the information obtained by contacting the Customer Service department on the phone xxxxxxxxxxx or email address xxxxxxxxxxxx Be warned.
2. Availability and continuity:
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• By post to the address the user has previously made known to the company.
• A telephone call or fax to the user has previously made aware of the company.
• By sending e-mail to the email address that the user has previously made aware of the company.
Therefore, for these notifications can be effected that the user must manifest that all data provided by him are true and current, pledging to notify any changes thereto.

Law and Jurisdiction
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